Odoo Success Pack

Introducing EUSOL Odoo Success Packs

EUSOL is dedicated to helping businesses get what they need, when they need it! Historically, we have provided support, project management, custom development, hosting, and more as a pay-as-you-go agreement.
If you prefer a more focused and limited engagement, Eusol Odoo Success Packs are also available! When you purchase an Eusol Success Pack, you have access to our staff’s combined knowledge and experience from 5+ versions of Eusol’s software, as well as Eusol’s extensive resource library.
After discussing your project and business needs with one of our Eusol Experts, we will recommend a standardized pack or a traditional ad-hoc approach with monthly billing.

I’m considering customizing the turn of events and appointing a special coordinator.

Our team has extensive experience developing custom Odoo applications as an Odoo Partner. As part of our services, we offer on-premises setup, executive administration, custom events, support, and integrated solutions. We charge hourly or consistently based on the scope of the work.

$1750 / 50 HOURS

Small Odoo Success Pack Includes:

  • Configure & Implement all basic Apps

$3000 / 100 HOURS

Medium Eusol Odoo Success Pack offers:

  • Configure all Basic Apps
  • Advanced Apps Like
  • Manufacturing,
  • Inventory,
  • Accounting
  • Basic Customization

$5000 / 200 HOURS

Large Eusol Odoo Success Pack includes:

  • Everything from medium pack
  • Advanced customization
  • Advanced data import
  • Setup & Implementation
  • Database migration


Expertise in the subject matter

Expertise in a particular field. Our company is the best Odoo Partner company. We have been implementing Odoo for decades and have a great deal of product knowledge as well. Each of our Odoo consultants has extensive experience in his or her particular domain or module. Each department is based on a module or domain. Odoo Accounting Department, Inventory Management Department, etc., are all departments that consist of people who have expertise in the respective domain or module. A particular domain or module is the focus of these departments.